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About Bing

In terms of digital pay-per-click advertising, Bing is not often the first choice. However, Bing is still a popular search engine, and there is still enough traffic to the search results that it is certainly worth considering a Bing marketing platform for your PPC campaign. After all, 85% of Bing traffic comes from within the United States. This may be worth considering when your PPC campaign is only targeting the United States. Bing users also tend to be more ‘blue collar’, older than 35 years old, and more likely to have children than Google users. If you are targeting a specific demographic with your search campaign, Bing is ideal for hitting a more niche market and avoiding ad appearances for people who aren’t interested in your services, but have entered a relevant search query.

Why Bing?

On average, Bing cost-per-click prices are lower than Google for the same industries. Advertising through Google is also incredibly common for people in all industries—by choosing Bing, you are dealing with less competition, lower costs, and you are still reaching a significant user base—6.2 billion search queries are performed on Bing every month, and 1/3rd of the US search traffic is conducted using Bing.

Bing Ads has also brilliantly engineered their platform to enable an easy AdWords transfer. When setting up your Bing Ads, you can just import your data from an existing AdWords account, and everything is set up and ready to run. Simply double-check your information to ensure it was all imported, then start running your ads on Bing!

What does Bing do Better?

Google is usually touted as the superior search engine, but Bing has an edge over Google in a few areas. Ecommerce marketers appreciate Bing’s incentive programs, which offer credits as a reward for buying things from the Bing network of ads—for example, rewards are offered if an individual searches for a product using Bing, clicks on an ad, then purchases that product.

Bing has worked hard to make valuable partnerships. For instance, Bing has just become Apple’s spotlight search provider on iOS over Google—it is also the default search engine on all Windows products. Bing has also integrated trending topics from Facebook and Twitter on its news page, which is the result of a deal between Microsoft and the two social media giants.

Local listings are easier to manage and list on Bing as well. Google is making its progress in this area, but Bing always seems to be one step ahead. Bing also brags superior image quality search. Their images are brighter, sharper, and more distinct—especially with pictures of people in their results.

No matter your intended PPC strategy, it is critical to contact a professional PPC agency to help you oversee your PPC efforts. If you aren’t confident in the particulars and nuances of PPC campaigns, it is easy to overpay for ad spots, go over budget, or attract an inadequate amount of clicks. Let us help you set up your Bing PPC campaign, and help you run a generally less expensive, more demographic-specific campaign for your brand!

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