Hiring a Digital Agency vs. an In-House Team

As you look to grow your business, one of the questions you’ll be faced with is whether to use a digital marketing agency or use an in-house team. At the surface level, most small and local businesses tend to opt for in-house teams as they think it will save them money. But is it really

How Can SMB’s Track ROI from Local Search?

Local search has become one an extremely important factors in online advertising for small and medium business in the United States. However, most of those business owners don’t have much of a clue as to how well their local search is performing, let alone their return on investment on their advertising campaign. A recent survey

Google is Splitting Mobile and Desktop Search

Mobile search is not only the majority but the future. In the upcoming months, Google will be making a massive change to the way its search engine handles desktop and mobile searches–or rather, how it will start handling them differently from one another. Gary Illyes, a webmaster at Google, announced mid-October that they would start

8 Last Minute SEO Tips for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend is one of the largest shopping events of the year. In 2015 over 7.5 billion dollars was spent online during this shopping weekend, while those online retailers saw an average of a 15 percent increase in their sales over the year before. Many expect this trend to continue

App Store Optimization – The Latest Digital Marketing Acronym

There seems to be a digital marketing acronym for just about everything, the newest one being App Store Optimization (ASO). If your business has an app on the market or is thinking about creating one, grab yourself a pen, some paper, and a coffee, as in this article I’ll teach you the basics of App

Five Free Resources to Learn Digital Marketing

  A competent SEO Agency helps you achieve top ranking on Google search pages by using professional techniques and proven digital marketing resources. Old SEO methods no longer work as Google evolves to provide more relevant search results. As a business owner, you need to know what digital marketing is all about both to judge