Position Zero on Google

Thought that you wanted to rank #1 on Google for your relevant search phrases?  Take a look at the new king of the mountain: Position Zero. In their quest to deliver information as seamless and user friendly as possible, Google has added several SERP Features over the last 6 months that have actually raised the

7 Ways To Increase Your Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a numeric score (1-100) given by an algorithm created by Moz that predicts how favorably a domain will perform in search rankings. The score itself is assessed using several of Moz’s tools such as MozTrust, MozRank, linking root domains, the number or total links, etc., and is extremely useful for comparing one

How To Use Schema Markup for Local SEO

Using fancy terms like Natural Language Processing, search engines can mostly figure out what your website is and what it’s talking about. However, that last bit of information (about 20% or so) comes from a website’s schema code and helps fill in the gaps between the searcher and the business. Basically, schema markup itself is

How To Read Majestic Citation and Trust Flow (Infographic)

Whether you’re new to SEO, a casual learner, or a seasoned professional, you can never learn too much about link building—properly placing links off and on your website can literally make or break your SEO success.  Before we get into the dynamics of what Citation Flow and Trust Flow mean for your backlink profile, let’s take a quick

Google AMP: One Year Later

Over a year ago, Google launched The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (Google AMP) in order to initialize a movement to further clean and speed up the mobile browsing and search experience. According to Google, “the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is an open source initiative that embodies the vision that publishers can create mobile optimized content

Google is Splitting Mobile and Desktop Search

Mobile search is not only the majority but the future. In the upcoming months, Google will be making a massive change to the way its search engine handles desktop and mobile searches–or rather, how it will start handling them differently from one another. Gary Illyes, a webmaster at Google, announced mid-October that they would start

10 Blogging Best Practices for SEO

You can have the most amazing blog on the web, but that doesn’t mean that anyone can ever see it. Optimizing a blog for SEO helps your website show up on search engines like Google when people are looking for related topics, and better rankings encourage more people to see and hopefully visit your blog.

How to Calculate the ROI on your SEO Campaign

Calculating the ROI on your SEO Services can be tricky since there is no single metric that can give you a solid understanding of what exactly the money you’ve invested into your campaign is doing. SEO campaigns become even more tricky when looking at how they are designed to work long-term, so the ROI at 6

Best Practices for SEO Backlinks

A backlink is a link on another site that points back to your website. High quality backlinks can improve you website’s search rankings dramatically.  This has been a long time tactic of optimizing for organic search and seems to have some SEO companies making their clients believe they are doing some black voodoo to get

What is Google Penguin?

Launched in 2012, Google Penguin is an update to Google’s collection of named algorithms, like Panda and Hummingbird, that influence the entirety of Google search rankings. Many companies started scrambling while this SEO agency was able to stay the course with white hat best practices.  While Google Panda, an update released earlier in 2011, focuses