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As Google has evolved over the years, Ecommerce has gotten more and more challenging to get organic visibility.

There is no question that ranking higher than the competition is a definite must. Unfortunately for Ecommerce, just ranking on the first page is not nearly enough. With over 26% of ecommerce online orders originating from organic search, it is more important than ever to have an ecommerce SEO strategy.

Not only are you in competition with the likes of big box stores and online behemoths like Amazon and Jet, but Google loves to push organic results below the fold to display as many ads as possible. SEO for these types of websites is not something that you can just dip your toe in the water, it does require a real commitment. As Google evolves to provide the best user experience possible, ecommerce does tend to be the most challenging and there are several factors outside of a normal National SEO campaign or someone looking to do SEO in Los Angeles only. Beyond the architecture of your website or your backlink profile, there are several factors that differentiate Search Engine Optimization for ecommerce. Let’s take a look:

Keyword Research: Though this seems very basic to most, it is important to expand on a lot of your product pages and category pages. It is no secret that longer tail phrases are less competitive and also signal higher buying intent. On top of this, google is starting to move away from exact match search phrases and looking more at latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords that are related keywords or synonyms. We also look at sites like Amazon to see suggested searches to find trends to capitalize on. We select keywords based on search volume, the level of competition and the level of purchase intent.

Product Descriptions: One of the main issues that plague the internet and holds back ecommerce organic traffic is duplicate content. This causes a low quality signal to the search engines and confuses Google on which content is more relevant. Our strategy is to start with your most profitable and important products crafting unique and compelling product descriptions that provide a better story to your customers and a better experience to Google.

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Mobile Usability: As Google reported last year that over 30% of ecommerce purchases are coming from mobile devices, you’d better believe that more and more emphasis is placed on a clean mobile UX. Best practices for optimization for any ecommerce site include: A Vertical Screen (designed for touch, not clicks), Mobile versions of all the pages with good Call-to-action’s above the fold.

User Experience: As most ecommerce sites use several third party integrations and have the challenge of needing to constantly add and remove products the UX can get challenging. We see ecommerce sites having broken links or improper redirects in the thousands which really hinders organic rankings and results. Managing Google Search Console and using third party tools like Raven Site Crawl to stay on top of these is a must. Other factors like page speed play a big factor in the overall site experience so this is analyzed for any additional opportunities. The average ecommerce site takes 7.12 seconds to load but 40% of consumers will wait no more than 3 seconds for a web page to load before abandoning the site. With all the product images this presents a challenge that our team accepts to help your site provide a better user experience.

Image Optimization: As ecommerce is so image heavy as opposed to content, it is important that we are making the most out of each image to help assist your organic ranking efforts. This includes using the correct file types (Jpeg for real world images and PNG’s for graphics), the correct image sizing, the seo optimized filename, image size and alt tag to tell Google and the user what your image is all about.

Blog / Resources Section: Any site that is looking to rank and continue to raise levels of organic traffic needs to have an onsite content strategy. This is beneficial to your customers, establishes trust and presents an opportunity to generate more inbound links to your site that reference your content. We make sure to assist in your content strategy, outreach to get links and optimization of that content to get the most SEO benefit.

Our time-tested processes from ranking thousands of keywords from hundreds of clients allows for a much more straightforward formula to ensure this is getting done correctly. The 180fusion team of talented specialists can provide the correct roadmap for your success helping your site have the most dialed in ecommerce SEO possible. Start by using our free analysis tool below or contacting one of our marketing gurus today for a more customized approach at how we can help.

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