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We are a new type of SEO agency, solely focused on ROI and 24/7 service- nothing else matters.  Our approach stems from both the science and art that drives results for digital marketing in the new age.  Our goal is to get the most qualified traffic to your site in the most profitable way possible.  Core services include SEO, PPC, Social Media Management, Email Marketing and Website Development.  At the end of the day, our purpose is to align with your objectives and create the most profitable mix and match of services for a long term ROI focused solution.

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180fusion provides best in breed talent in each digital discipline to deliver qualified traffic and build your brand online.  We offer custom tailored packages for the best strategy to make sure you have top visibility when it is needed most.  We have a team of well over 100 dedicated strategists and analysts to assist for whatever needs you have online.  From Search Engine Optimization to Logo Design we have you covered with the resources of a large agency with a boutique feel for running highly targeted custom campaigns.  Our client portfolio breakdown:

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Though ccommerce can be the most straightforward way to earn a sale, it can also be the most daunting to manage properly.  Our team can assist in web development, accessibility to the search engines, content strategy, optimizing your Google shopping feed and anything else you can think of to ensure your online business is as profitable as possible.

Project Roadmap

We don’t believe in having any cookie cutter strategy when it comes to your online marketing presence.  Our team will provide an initial consultation to determine where you are and what needs to be done to outrank your competition.

Lead Generation

Whether you are looking for immediate phone calls or form fills from qualified prospects, lead generation is a core service that we provide. Our team has expertise dialing in a PPC campaign for profitability, generating more qualified  organic traffic from organic and increasing your landing pages conversion percentage.

Competitive Analysis

Give us your top competitors and let us reverse engineer their entire online strategy.  We will analyze top ranking keywords, a website analysis, their offsite presence, backlink profile and the best way to take more market share.

Local Search

Local search is growing rapidly, thus it is constantly being updated.  There are various new ad formats and mobile experience is key.  Our team works with some of the big brands in the industry but can take these learning’s downstream to the startup level.  We look at all factors to differentiate your site from the competition and put the right strategy into play to keep your team busy.

Real Time Reporting

Transparency is key when it comes to digital marketing and SEO.  Our team believes in pro-active communication and a much more frequent reporting schedule.  Paid reporting is sent out every week whereas organic reporting is sent every 2 weeks.  We can report on the specific metrics and competitors you are tracking online.
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