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It is no secret that more and more people are looking to the Google every day to answer any and all questions.  With over 3.5 Billion searches done each day, search has become engrained into our daily behavior and is only trending upwards as our culture becomes more reliant on the internet.  Let’s take a look at what this means for local search:

  • Over 5 billion searches done each day (2 Trillion+ per year as of 2016)
  • 30% of searches have local intent
  • Local Searches Lead 50% of Mobile Visitors to visit stores within 1 day
  • Local Search converts at 2X of National Search

As Google has evolved over time, so have Local SEO and PPC marketing strategies.  The above statistics show how incredibly important it is to have a strong online presence through both paid and organic channels.  Prime visibility will now make or break your business’s growth and success in today’s new era of online everything.

Google is always looking for the most relevant and authoritative site at the top of it’s search results.  Local search is an even more complex beast that takes all of the factors from national search into the equation adding the complexity of onsite and offsite localization to rank well.   Google’s adjustments over the years have had a considerable impact for any local SEO strategy making visibility in the natural organic listings section and maps pack all the more challenging.  Some of the main tactics we will implement for a successful local SEO strategy include:

Google Local Business Listing

We need to claim, verify and optimize your Google local business listing as this has top visibility appearing at the top of the SERPs in over 90% of local searches.  With local SEO ranking factors placing this piece of the puzzle at close to 20%, Google local business page optimization one of the primary mechanisms to become more relevant on a local level.

Free Consultation

We have been working with 180 now for about 3-4 months. So far they have literally broken through the ceiling of what our previous agency was able to do. Our previous agency did not use landing pages for PPC and this was a low hanging fruit that really started driving much more qualified leads.

Strive Chon,

Local Listings Management

As external location signals make up close to 15% of where you rank for local organic search, it is very important to have a consistent name, address and phone number (NAP) across the ecosystem of local directories online.  There are several companies offering this service as the “end-all” service needed for SEO.  Though it is very important (especially in competitive industries) local listings management does only account for about 15% of where your site falls in the search results.  The problem with the internet is that once something is published, it exists.  Our local listings management service will first do a manual upload of all of the correct information and use data aggregators each month to push out the correct information to the search engines and your prospects.

On Page Signals

Onsite optimization is obviously one of the most critical elements for making sure that your site is found in the local SERPs.  There are simple methods like incorporating your service, city and state into the meta data to more complex tactics like using specific coding called schema to help the search engines identify your location.  On page signals keep getting more and more complex and where many companies can do an okay job here one time, we will continue to optimize from your home page to service pages to blog content making sure you have the most relevant site in your industry.

Link Earning

The ability to capture relevant and trusted links is no easy task and where many agencies fall short.  Our outreach team is able to leverage content and throughout the local ecosystem as well as industry relevant sites.  As over 50% of your positioning on google is due to how authoritative your site is, link building is a very high priority for our local search efforts.

We study how Google thinks and have created a fulfillment process that backs into the rankings algorithm to provides long term results for your business.  Our local SEO formula includes the following factors:

Whether you are looking for a form to be filled out or the phone to ring, we can help by driving qualified traffic via Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing.  Get in touch with one of our expert analysts today to see what we can do for you.

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