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Pay Per Click is the most straightforward mechanism to drive qualified traffic to your site and is growing at an incredible rate.  No matter what industry, businesses can start monetizing their services online almost immediately by showing the right ad to the right prospect at the right time.   Though the barrier to entry for PPC is low, the knowledge and expertise to truly succeed in this field is very hard to find.  Our Google certified analysts have years of experience creating profitable campaign types driving leads, sales and phone calls.

When it comes to PPC Marketing, there is no set it and forget it solution.  Pay Per Click is all about the data and takes a special kind of person (slightly neurotic) who can analyze all of the information specific to your industry and competitive landscape to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a positive ROI.  Paid search is both an art and a science, these are not your everyday gurus!  Our ppc marketing services include:

Google AdWords Management

As Google holds a staggering 70% of search engine market share in the US, the AdWords platform is really the fundamental cornerstone of any paid search strategy.  Our Google certified ppc analysts will perform a deep dive assessment of your current efforts and strategize on the best plan to make your business more profitable. We analyze everything from search to display campaigns, review landing pages, bid strategies, Ad Copy and much more.  As a Google Premier Trusted partner, 180fusion has the resources to offer executive support, access to Beta programs and a sound idea board for driving real RESULTS.

Bing PPC

Advertising on Bing can prove to be a very viable solution for those with high click costs and high search volume on Google.  We often find better lead quality here, yet the volume is a lot lower so it is a tough standalone product for most businesses.  Bing’s market share floats around 15-20% and though the volume may be lower, Bing does offer solid bid adjustments on demographic targeting that have proven very successful for our clients.  Bing has great conversion rates and allows any advertiser to expand to a larger audience in search of their services.

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We’re very happy with 180fusion. SEM & SEO is key to our products’ success.  Our Account Manager and team have been great at meeting our needs, and improving our bottom-line!

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Facebook Advertising

Depending on what your sales and marketing funnels look like, facebook should likely be a piece of your strategy.  When facebook ads first came out the results were very poor and as they went public had certain numbers to be held accountable for.  Now facebook offers the most granular targeting on the planet where you can target anyone from soccer moms to savvy singles down to their exact zip code.  Some of the information is borderline scary, but as marketers presents a gold mine of data to leverage for a very targeted and profitable marketing campaign.  Facebook has incorporated retargeting, product ads & custom audience campaigns amongst many others to become one of the biggest names in the industry.

Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini was designed to offer marketers a unified platform across native advertising and mobile search.  These “promoted stories” appear on their properties like yahoo finance and drive traffic without many realizing that they are clicking on an ad.  As online user behavior evolves, native advertising is proving to be the way of the future.  Gemini presents a substantial opportunity by offering unique placements and ad formats across the web.  180fusion is a certified Yahoo Gemini partner and can help you get setup.

Remarketing and Retargeting

Remarketing generally refers to the Google Display network and Retargeting generally refers to the facebook platform.  The vernacular may be confusing but the premise is simple.  A prospect is familiar with your product or service because they have visited your website.  As the buying modality shifts to a more methodical buyer, your prospect needs to be more familiar with your brand and you need several touch points to gain their trust and convert.  30% of consumers have a very positive reaction to this form of marketing where only 11% see it as a turnoff.  Google has now launched RLSA – Remarketing Lists for Search Ads to now bring this to search as well as display with very exciting results thus far.  The data supports remarketing as it is generally always one of the most profitable campaign types in any Google AdWords account.  After all, website visitors who are remarketed to are 70% more likely to convert.  Do the math and let this mechanism follow your prospects down the decision making process.

In addition to new design and optimization, we are ecstatic with the quick turnaround and high page rankings on Google.. We came to 180fusion.com with a zero ranking from Google, and now, three months later, we are on page one or two in most all of our major keywords.

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