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If you are looking for professional SEO services to grow your business than you have come to the right place. Headquartered in the greater Los Angeles area and servicing 14 countries around the globe, 180fusion has a proven track record of success as a full service digital marketing agency. We provide a competitive advantage in the market place due to experience, technology and domain knowledge as industry thought leaders that deliver REAL RESULTS for our clients. Our SEO strategies back directly into the direct ROI our services provide with long term residual benefits of owning the real estate on Google. Our LA based SEO Agency has core expertise in the following areas:

SEO Site Audit and Consultation

Initially our expert analysts will have a discovery call to discuss the objectives of the business and overall goals of your SEO campaign. We will look at the current “as is” state of affairs and begin to develop a strategy that supports your initiatives online. Our analysts start defining what relevant topics and themes of keywords makes sense for premium ranking on the search results and are the best investment for your business

Our Search Engine Optimization Site Audit Reviews:

  • The format of search results the targeted search engine is serving
  • Competitive analysis & break-down of top ranking sites
  • The sitemap and architecture of your domain
  • Quality of Content on targeted pages
  • Review of SEO Metadata
  • Backlink profile & Opportunities
  • User Experience – Mobile Responsive, Load Time, etc.
  • Backlink Profile
  • Social Media Strategy
Free Consultation

We are extremely happy with the results 180Fusion has achieved for us in a short period of time. They clearly understand our business objectives and have consistently demonstrated their outstanding expertise in SEO, PPC, and Design. They are proactive, flexible and responsive to our needs.


National SEO

As your business grows in the internet driven age, it only makes sense to plant your flag and deploy a solid organic strategy that will consistently drive leads and fuel growth. Although no one has the Google algorithm in their notebook, our analysts are part of the most talented community of webmasters and SEOs who truly understand how this all works. Our team will perform a comprehensive site audit which allows us to back into the ranking factors and lay out a road map that means national visibility to your targeted audience and prospects online. We look at all channels and online properties that are assets to your business and how to best leverage them. This will then lay out the game plan for onsite optimizations and to build your link profile in the most trusted and authoritative way possible.

Local SEO

Although local is considered to be less competitive, Google puts more emphasis on localization factors making local SEO an even more complex creature than the national counterpart. Many clients need both a national and local strategy with multiple offices nationwide. Our team will follow all Google webmaster guidelines for the best architecture of your website and how Google can best find and index those key pages. Local SEO involves all the necessary tasks for a national campaign along with Google local business page optimizations, local listings management, building local links & citations and use of schema.org metadata. See what our analysts say about your local SEO situation today.

Ecommerce SEO

What use is having all of these beautiful products on your site if no one can find them? Ecommerce websites tend to be more complex due to the nature of how robust they are and how similar the product pages need to be. Even with a proven content management system in place, there are several technical pieces with third party systems and integrations which is the glue to hold it all together. Our Ecommerce SEO analysts will provide the necessary site audit by reviewing the sitemap, URL structure, navigation, structured data, content stream (i.e. blog) and internal linking format to name a few items.

Reputation Management (Reverse SEO)

The major problem with being online is that anyone anywhere can say anything. As user generated content begins to take over it is near to impossible to have a squeaky clean profile with 5 stars across the board. As the modalities of buyers evolves, more and more prospects are looking to over 11+ touch points before making their buying decision. It is important that brand management has the necessary allocated budget to ensure that any false claims or inconsistencies with your brand message are not visible when your prospects are at the finish line to becoming a client. Our team will define what assets we can leverage and the strategy for them to push down the liabilities beyond the 2nd page of organic search. Your online record is permanent and it is important to be as pro active as possible to maintain your brand.
SEO Reporting

As the key performance indicators vary from business to business so does our reporting. Our team will get connected on Google Analytics and Search Console account to ensure that we are leveraging the most accurate data possible. From here we will be also leverage third party tools to able to report on the organic rankings of your selected keywords and themes, referral and organic traffic and sales qualified leads as a result of our SEO Services

In addition to new design and optimization, we are ecstatic with the quick turnaround and high page rankings on Google.. We came to 180fusion.com with a zero ranking from Google, and now, three months later, we are on page one or two in most all of our major keywords.

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