Social Media Marketing

Is Your Paid Social Media Performing Its Best?

You’ve probably already accepted it. Old school advertising is dying out. Anyone under the age of 25 who has ever even held a newspaper or a magazine only did it because their phone is dead, and there is no other source of entertainment in their doctor’s waiting room. So you dove into online advertising. Google AdWords and Bing was likely your first step. Someone types in “buy a watch” and you sell them a watch. Great! Now what’s the next step? Social media marketing and advertising.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… even those who don’t really participate in social media hear about them every day. They are ingrained in the lives of a majority of our population – literally billions of people. So hopefully you’ve at least tested the waters with these platforms, especially Facebook advertising for your business. Hopefully, you’ve done it from a well-informed perspective.

I’ve seen countless YouTube videos on “why Facebook advertising is a scam!” (Hint: it isn’t.) The problem is, they do their “scientifically-accurate tests” without any knowledge of the platform. If you tell Facebook to spend $100 with no guidance to get you the most amount of likes on a page, don’t be surprised when you get 10,000 likes from somewhere halfway around the world that doesn’t speak your language. That’s not Facebook’s fault – they held up their end of the bargain. So how do you fix that?

Step 1: Know Your Audience

Use all that data you’ve collected to define your audience. Do you sell the best handcrafted gold-plated timepieces lovingly assembled over years to businessmen over the age of 40? Do you sell chic & hip bracelet style watches to young fashionable women between 20 and 25? What are your customers interested in? What are their hobbies? Do they share similar professions? Or go for the easy win and target anyone who has liked your competitor’s Facebook page!

Step 2: Get Their Attention

Social media advertising is less about “saying something” and more about “showing something.” With our newly shortened attention spans, we only have time for things that truly jump out at us. You can sell the most amazing product or service, but if you use an image that doesn’t make someone want to look, nobody will read your ad. Image is 90% of your performance. Find where your company’s chosen tone meets your audience’s popular interests. Create multiple visual ideas and test them. Present your product or service in as many ways as you have time and resources to create. Find the images that grab your audience and don’t let go!

Step 3: Tell Them What to Do

Now that you got their attention, send them to your most optimized landing page (you’re doing landing page optimization right? Right). Hold their hand and guide them to the decision that you know is in their best interest. Because let’s be honest, without your product/service, their life is dreary and meaningless. Don’t leave them wandering about in the lost space of the internet searching for what to do. Tell them! Sign up now. Add to cart. Get a quote. Call us. If you don’t have one of those in a giant button visible above the fold of the landing page, you’re doing it wrong.


Ok so maybe there’s more involved than just those 3 steps. Do you have the time to spend hundreds or thousands of hours seeing what works and what doesn’t? Probably not. So find someone who already has. Trust businessman Red Adair’s classic quote: “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

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