Yahoo Gemini Pay-Per-Click

Yahoo Gemini ads launched in the beginning of 2015 with the intention to be a self-serving advertising management platform that is unified for both mobile search and native advertising. Gemini’s goal is to reach audiences in a more contextual, less “obvious” way that is characteristic of PPC campaigns using native advertising. One of the distinguishing characteristics is the ability to manage your mobile and target ads with two separate interfaces, rather than on a single interface. Yahoo brings in more than 430 million monthly mobile users.

Native Advertising

The definition and concept of native advertising is pretty simple. It is a catch-all, content-based, trust-building form of advertising that fits into the “native” layout or look of a website. Some examples of native advertising in action include promoted Tweets, sponsored Facebook posts, sponsored posts on Reddit, or even those articles you see at the bottom of an article you are reading—however, those articles are only native advertising if they link to other websites, and not internally within the publication.
Using Yahoo Gemini native ads is a great way to build trust with your viewers. Consider the Millennial generation: they have a certain disdain when they know they are the targets of marketing. PPC marketing campaigns are still effective across generations, but native advertising is ideal when you want your consumers to see your brand in association with content, rather than just being a brand that is marketing to them indiscreetly. It encourage them to engage with it, and provides value to your company and your brand message.

What does Native Advertising offer?

Due to the more discreet nature of native advertising, you have the ability to generate relevant and engaging content in conjunction with your ad. The jury is still out on whether or not it is decidedly content marketing—however, it is certain that using native advertising provides more value to your brand, as opposed to standard web advertising that is more about brand awareness and engagement through clicks and calls. When you advertise an article or concept, promote a Facebook post, or promote a Tweet, you are providing value to your audience in the form of posts, articles, which create more potential for your ad going viral through shares.

Yahoo Gemini Advertising Preferred Partners

What does it mean to be a Yahoo Preferred Partner? Yahoo defines their Preferred Partners as “a community of innovative, advertising technology providers, committed to delivering a higher standard of client services. Our partners have been specifically selected, test, and certified to help you be successful”.

We have the distinct honor of being among Yahoo’s Preferred Partners, a distinction that is primarily achieved through a consistent show of conducting business in good faith, a commitment to excellence, and superior abilities and expertise in Yahoo marketing platforms.

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